Project Partners

ICYSC Partners

The participating 16 ICYSCs have shared goals and commitment. The 16 teams have embarked on a change journey, reflecting on new methods to enable co-creation with youth. Youth workers all understand that the 21st century is about “change” and one needs new competencies and skills, as well as empathy, courage for experimentation, self-learning and participation to build new and trusting relationships among youth, youth workers and the community.

Their journeys have already begun. Will you meet them along the way?

Technical Partners

The four technical partners have designed an inspiring journey for their respective innovation tracks. Their shared vision is to nurture the creativity and innovation capacity of our next generation.

The four technical partners will first empower youth workers so that they in turn will use the new tools and methods as a magnet to attract more young people to join the four tracks. They will learn and innovate together, develop new partnerships, solve problems and become our community’s changemakers.

Capacity Building Partner

Good Lab sees its role as capacity builder, working with the 16 ICYSCs, bringing in different methodologies of engagement such as Design Thinking approach to facilitate their cultural shift and to embrace co-creation with youth, connecting them closer to the community.

Research Partner

The Department of Social Work of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has formed a research team to conduct evaluation on the effectiveness and impact of YouthCreate Series, including the project’s effectiveness, factors conducive to its success, impact of the project on empowerment of young people and service providers, and the sustainability of the project model and its applicability to other youth services.

Initiator and Funder